The Kargha Story
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About The Kargha Story

The Kargha Story, a niche brand focused on promoting the country’s weavers through innovation in design and texture. Our products are 100% handwoven and are utilitarian home products with their rustic and earthy appearance, created using a masterful mélange of premium quality yarns of various materials and matched with unique colors, unconventional textures and crafted to transform living spaces.

‘Kargha’ when literally translated means ‘handloom’, a complex instrument on which a cloth is hand woven by a skilled weaver. The handloom has in many ways woven the cultural heritage of our country through centuries.

At The Kargha Story, we strive to leverage on the depth of the handloom heritage of the country to present handwoven products in a way that epitomizes the soul of the country’s artisans and weavers. Our goal is to unearth the creative skills of our indigenous weavers who are a repository of timeless wisdom of their craft. With this as our foundation, we create products that are uncompromising in quality and unmatched in design.

Our range of products are designed to create the perfect blend of aesthetic and utility that provides a unique perspective to home styling. We are not confined by stereotypes, being rustic but elegant, vibrant but grounded, striking yet subtle, unconventional yet perfectly befitting any living space. We are unrelentingly focused on mainstreaming handwoven products which we believe will ensure continuous and fair employment of our suppliers and weavers.

Through all our products, we aim to highlight that when you purchase our products, you are not only supporting a person, small business or a family, but are reaping the results of our weavers’ heart, soul and generational heritage.

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