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About Resham Dor

Resham Dor emerged from a deep-seated passion to honor and uplift the profound traditions and heritage of crafts in India. What initially began as an initiative has now blossomed into a purpose-driven brand with a singular focus on revitalizing fading craft clusters throughout the country. They take immense pride in acting as a bridge between consumers and global enterprises, introducing them to the rare crafts of India that not only empower artisans but also inspire sustainable living.

Presently, they are deeply engaged with the Kharad craft cluster, a dwindling art form from Kutch, Gujarat, practiced by only three families. Kharad encompasses the intricate weaving of carpets and textile art, where the warp and weft threads carry the ancestral legacy of a technique that employs local sheep wool on traditional looms to craft products of both strength and beauty. This craft holds a heritage spanning nine generations, a testament to a community's evolution through adversity and challenges. It narrates a story of unwavering faith in tradition against the backdrop of rapid industrialization.

Resham Dor's mission is to amplify the narrative of this craft—its integral connection to the community and landscape, its rich history, and cherished traditions. They seek to restore the deserved glory to this craft, reinstating dignity to the artisans, and working hand in hand with them to carry this legacy forward into the future.


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