Studio Marler
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About Studio Marler

It’s not just about the Pretty. Every 30 second flash of designer “brilliance” is followed by hours of product testing, re-design, pulling out stitches and putting it all back together before getting to a finished product. 

Studio Marler was established by an interior designer who had been living in Rwanda for 6 years. Having completed many projects, she had acquired a network of tradespeople who valued quality workmanship. With an interest in producing a line of handbags that could be compelling to African women and men, she started working with local providers to meet that vision.

In 2019 the brand name was changed to n’Intoki, which means 'With Fingers' in Kinyarwanda. The name change lets them  acknowledge the team and craftsmanship of the artists and the work that they put into each product. In 2021 they established a partnership with a local production facility to allow them to bring the artisans on board as employees, pay their wages and benefits, establish better quality control and training. This production unit is owned by a Rwandan with extensive experience at Coach and Kate Spade.

Rwanda is a part of AGOA, allowing companies to import into the United States with reduced to no customs taxes. All products will be shipped with a Made in Rwanda Certificate to allow buyers to access this benefit.

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Scarves + Wraps, Handbags, Backpacks + Weekenders
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