Mantua Silkwear
South Africa
Maker Minimum: $700.00
About Mantua Silkwear
Mantua Silkwear is designed and manufactured in South Africa, inspired by the spirited, colourful heartbeat of the African Continent. Founder and Creative Director, Juandi Andrag has always been drawn to the luminosity of silk and its ability to transform to the body. Driven passionately as a counterpoint to disposable fashion, her Mantua Collection of silk scarves, is trans-seasonal and timeless, upholding it’s focus as a beyond trend product, weaving ethereal stories of colourful self-expression into cloth and robe, with the promise of lasting quality. Juandi makes use of Watercolour artworks, which are printed onto silk in limited editions and the cut and crafted into scarves. As a female owned brand in Africa, Mantua manufactures locally, championing the support and development of local craftswomen. Social responsibility centers around donating profits from selected campaigns to various South African charities in aid of abused women in need.
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South Africa
Scarves + Wraps
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