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About India Craft Art

India Craft Art is a social enterprise with a goal to empower rural Indian female artisans through economic independence and provide a dignified life for future generations. The team collaborates with craftsmen from India's marginalized and underprivileged community. The products are not only hand-crafted from recycled industrial components, but they are also reusable and fairly created. Aside from minimizing the waste mountain, this brand is particularly committed to the artisans who work for it.

The goals are to eliminate poverty, create good jobs and drive economic growth, and promote responsible consumption. The use of natural fibers in combination with high-quality, made-to-last products results in a net-reduction in plastics. The materials are naturally biodegradable, reducing the carbon footprint of the company. In this way, the organization intends to tackle the global waste problem.

Aside from using environmentally friendly materials, India Craft Art’s unique way of employing skilled local weavers in rural India impacts hundreds of families and lives for the better. These weavers work from their homes under healthy and hygienic conditions and receive a fair wage for their work. India Craft Art provides these families with an opportunity to make some income, which gives them access to basic needs such as health, safe housing, and preservation of their talent and skills. 

India Craft Art offers a 100% child labor-free production process. They do this by giving women real income so that they can send their children to school. This positively impacts child labor in a twofold way: it prevents children from working in the present and allows them to get a decent job in the future, hopefully reducing their children's need to engage in child labor. As a result, India Craft Art’s business innovation can be called a radical innovation that combats the global problems of waste, poverty, and child labor.

As of today, the company has an extensive network of over 20+ artisans and a wide array of 30+ products. The founder, Bhavna, has spent the past couple of months focusing on product development to design contemporary products to increase sales.

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