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About Fefostudio

Fernando Aciar is a New York based Argentinian chef and artist. His passion for ceramics started out very early on in childhood and was revived when he opened his design studio Fefo in 2014. Fefostudio crafts a variety of home goods, from tablewares, to lighting, to jewelry--all inspired by the expression of every-day objects. Things like pipes, plants, rocks and so on inspire Fefo's focus on approachable shapes and textural details. Fefo uses a variety of neutral clays paired with vibrant glazes to create designs that blur the lines between function and artistry. All ceramics are made inside the artistic community Ostudio in Brooklyn. Established by Fefo himself in 2019, Ostudio is an all encompassing creative community with spaces available for artists and creators to come and work. Also housed within Ostudio is Ostudio at Night, an all organic, collaborative restaurant providing delicious food to the community. In all fefo's projects is artistic integrity and a commitment to serving the community.

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