Burcu Buyukunal Jewellery
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About Burcu Buyukunal Jewellery

I am a contemporary jewelry designer from Istanbul, Turkey. I have been making jewelry since 2003 and teaching jewelry classes at my studio since 2011. I am a follower of my passions since my childhood. I studied Industrial Design but I fell in love with the idea of using my hands to realize my ideas during my hands-on classes at school.

I like to make jewelry because of its intimate relationship to the body. I could be inspired by many things like nature, materials and abstract concepts... I use mostly silver but also enjoy exploring different materials for my jewelry. I enjoy pushing the material boundaries and conventions attributed to jewelry. I believe value is created through ideas, design and craftsmanship as well as materials. The way you feel about a piece of work and the connection you establish with it brings the highest value to it.


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