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About BeadWORKS

BeadWORKS works with over 1,300 women artisans in 9 community conservancies in rural northern Kenya, indirectly benefitting over 7,800 people.

Artisans bead in their free time in their respective communities, not in workshops. This allows them to carry out their semi-nomadic lifestyle, caring for livestock and children, fetching water and firewood, and so much more. BeadWORKS provides a reliable, sustainable income for these women and their families. The women spend their money on food, education and medical needs for their families.

"BeadWORKS is not just about beads. It’s a whole empowerment story. We take advantage of being with the women to talk about so much more. We now have a group of women who can speak for themselves, who can do things for themselves, who have savings, who can think about the future, who can plan for their kids," says BeadWORKS’ Production Manager, Beatrice Lempaira.

As all BeadWORKS' products are handmade by individual artisans, each piece is unique and authentic.

BeadWORKS' high quality control standards ensure that all products are ethically produced and fair trade practices are followed.

Ships from:
Wall Accents, Vases, Tea Towels + Pot Holders, Storage Baskets, Shoulder bags, Necklace, Mobiles, Earrings, Coasters, Clutches, Bracelets + Anklets, Belts
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