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About Batoka Creatives

Batoka Creatives embodies the strength of community, the power of the human hand, and the foundation of family. Their craftsmanship and artistry represent the knowledge passed down by their ancestors and the hope they hold for the future. The Batoka Creatives crafters and artisans, located in the rural areas surrounding Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, have established themselves as a beacon of creativity.

Operating from the Centres of Hope established by the Jafuta Foundation, Batoka Creatives passionately produces exquisite jewelry and homewares that effortlessly fit into any corner of the world. Their mission is to provide sustainable livelihoods for the women of the Dibutibu area through skilled handcrafts. Utilizing only the finest materials, such as glass seed beads, sterling silver, gold-plated brass, fine embroidery threads, and cotton-based fabrics, they ensure exceptional quality in their creations.

Supported by the Jafuta Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining a harmonious balance between community, wildlife, conservation, education, and culture, Batoka Creatives thrive. The income generated from their skilled craftsmanship helps cover school fees, medical expenses, and ensures a high standard of living for the families of these talented artisans. In an arid region once heavily dependent on subsistence farming and plagued by unpredictable rainfall, the radiant colors of hope have blossomed through the beautiful handmade works of art crafted by this remarkable group.

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