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About Aura 8 Art Boutique

Aura 8 embodies a captivating project that effortlessly transforms industrial concrete into refined elements for both interiors and gardens. This endeavor thrives on the art of juxtaposition, where substantial and weighty pots, air plant holders, planters, and vases seamlessly accommodate your most delicate succulents, air plants, herbs, cacti, and small botanical wonders.

Aura 8’s dedication to craftsmanship is unwavering, as they take immense pride in each handmade product, be it home decor, fire bowls, air plant holders, geode planters, crystal pots, tea light candle holders and their hand-poured concrete goods. These remarkable creations lend themselves harmoniously to any indoor or outdoor setting.

While shipping remains a vital component for many enterprises, Aura 8 is aware of the detrimental impact of carbon emissions on our planet and the consequential contribution to climate change. They ardently strive to mitigate and eliminate carbon dioxide emissions associated with their packages through various avenues. They prioritize the utilization of compostable packaging whenever feasible and opt for carbon-neutral shipping alternatives, actively supporting initiatives geared towards carbon offsetting and removal.


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United States of America
Bath Accessories, Candle Holders + Lanterns, Decorative Accents, Fragrance, Meditation, Planters, Vases
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