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Welcome to Aura 8 Art Boutique on PBP!

My name is Tim. I'm the artist behind all these pieces. I’m in love with polished and raw crystals, concrete and gold color. And also air plants, succulents and cacti.

Aura 8 is the project that takes industrial concrete to elegant indoors and gardens. It’s the project of playing with contrasts. These substantial, heavy pots, air plant holders, planters and vases are perfect for your most delicate succulents, air plants, herbs, cacti and small plants.

We take great pride in our handmade products, home decor, fire bowls, air plant holders, geode planters, crystals pots, tea light candle holders and of course our hand poured concrete goods. These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use!

I’m incredibly thankful for each and every order placed here in our shop, and I hope that you will love our wares in your own home or business!

💚🚛♻️ We Ship Carbon Neutral

Every time we ship an order, we support some of the most promising climate solutions on Earth. 

Shipping is an essential aspect of most businesses, but carbon emissions from shipping negatively impact the planet and contribute to climate change. We do our best to reduce and remove the carbon dioxide emissions from packages that we ship in multiple ways by using compostable packaging as much as we can (not all products), using carbon-neutral shipping options and supporting initiatives that contribute to carbon offset or removal.

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From Sunny Florida with Love

Stay Well, and Stay Safe!

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United States of America
Vases, Planters, Meditation, Fragrance, Decorative Accents, Candle Holders + Lanterns, Bath Accessories
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