Aaliyah Makoni
South Africa
Maker Minimum: $200.00
About Aaliyah Makoni

These one-of-a-kind, handmade accessories and home décor pieces tell vivid stories about a wild world. All of Aaliyah Makoni’s merchandise is lovingly made in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and it features bold, colorful prints that are all designed in-house. From an Orange Leopard Bow Scrunchie and a Hummingbird Pillow Cover, these designs let you experience nature with a fresh perspective. Not to be outdone, the graphic prints like the Blue Geometric Coin Purse add zing to any ensemble. 

Aaliyah Makoni caters to people whose fashion sense and home are reflections of their effervescent personalities and irrepressible spirits. Aaliyah’s customers are cosmopolitan people who love culture and travel and are driven by a natural curiosity about the world. Curious about these made-to-order and custom products? We’re sure you’ll be pleased with their irrepressible beauty and quality.

Ships from:
South Africa
Totes + Work bags, Throws, Haircare, Hair Accessories, Clutches, Blankets, Bath Towels
Yes. Contact us at info@poweredbypeople.com for custom requests.
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