Wood Incenses Bundle Pack Nr.1 

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Our Wooden Incense Pack has a total weight of Palo Santo -15 gr-, Sandalwood -10gr- ve Agarwood -10 gr.-. Incense sticks were cut by hand. The average length is about 10-11 cm. The sticks in the same package may have different colors, weights, and widths since they are cut by hand. Even if the number of sticks in the package varies slightly, the weight does not change in grams by no means.

Palo Santo: The refreshing and relaxing scent of Palo Santo Incense is a very special aid for concentration and creative flow. With smoke from the wood incense sticks, you can incense the places where you want to cleanse the energy, use it in your meditations and all your spiritual rituals, and enjoy the relaxing feature when you feel tired or stressed.

Sandalwood: It is a member of the Santalum Album Santalaceae family, whose homeland is India. It has an important place in Ayurvedic medicine, local traditions of Far East, and some of the major religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

Today, Sandalwood is used for making soap, wax, skin care products and other cosmetic products and miniature wood carving. It is a common incense in human history used for rites and spiritual rituals.

The smell of the sandalwood supports relaxation, peace and love of life. It helps to create spiritual awareness and spiritual openness. It has a soft, fresh, woody and slightly spicy fragrance.

Agarwood: Agarwood, as we call it, are resinous pieces that occur in the trees of the Aquilaria (Thymelaeceae) family. These resinous woods produced by the Aquilaria family trees are called by many different names. Best known names are Oud Hindi, Eaglewood, Gaharu, Agalocha, Oudh, and Aloeswood.

Resinous wood pieces have been burned as incense in many cultures since ancient times. It is widely used in spiritual and religious ceremonies in Southeast Asia, Middle East and India.Agarwood pieces, with their strong and rich scent, have occupied an important place in the rites and healing works for thousands of years.

It has a sweet, warm and woody fragrance. It is believed to be a natural and powerful aphrodisiac.

We hope you enjoy it.

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