Waraos Amazónicos

Waraos Amazónicos

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The intertwined fibers of a manare, a sebucán, a wapa or a torotoro are part of the indigenous basketry of the Colombian and Venezuelan Amazon jungle, an ancestral memory that weaves our identity. Weaving natural fibers is one of the oldest creative actions of man.

For our native peoples, this ancient activity symbolizes fertility and is associated with the feminine, because through it food and life are received and preserved.

Basketry represents the mythical and historical union of man with mother earth. The contact of the hands with the vegetable fibers harmonizes the human being with his environment, for this reason it is part of the cosmogony and the indigenous way of life. This activity is a path for spiritual development, to the point that, in some ethnic groups such as the Panare, weaving baskets is an essential requirement for shamanic initiation.

In our homes it is common to have indigenous basketry, a reflection of the art that has come down to us since time immemorial. Despite having been enriched with contributions from other cultures and the influence of modern elements, it preserves the legacy of ancestral peoples as part of what is affirmatively Colombian and Venezuelan.

  • Heritage Craft

  • Eco-Materials

  • Handmade

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