Traditional Taita Sisal Basket M (23 By 23cm)

Hadithi Crafts

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This Traditional Taita collection features very intricately and extremely finely woven one-of-a-kind sisal baskets in seven colour groups and four sizes. These unique baskets can come in handy in every room of your home and are decorative like a piece of art.

The basket weaver enjoys complete creative freedom to tell their own basket story. She rolls her own sisal twine and weaves the basket from start to finish following traditional techniques. It is an elaborate and creative process. After she finishes her basket she sews in a cardboard with her name on it for you to find. The Hadithi team adds the photo of the weaver too. no two baskets are the same in pattern and design!

  • 7 colour collections to choose from. The Tsavo Road, Taita Classic and Earth sand colour groups are dyed using only Natural dyes from local trees and plants.
  • 4 sizes from extra small to large, that nest nicely into each other for optimal storage and shipping.

Handmade by female artisans in Tsavo, Kenya.

  • Woman Led

  • Handmade

  • Eco-Materials

  • Sustainable

  • Heritage Craft

Item quantity:
Category: Storage Baskets
Origin: Kenya
Composition: Tsavo RoadSunshineEarth SandSea Shore (any combination of turquoise, light blue, white, beige, black)Green WorldTaita ClassicPinky Promise
Ships from: Kenya
Item Sku: Traditional Taita Sisal basket M (23 x 23cm)-Tsavo Road
Keep your basket away from direct sunlight. The colours will fade if exposed to bright sunlight! Keep your basket dry, it is made from natural materials. If your basket gets out of shape, you can spray lightly with water and reshape it with your hands, or and put a pot of a similar shape inside it. If you use your basket as a plant pot, ensure you keep the basket dry. Line your basket with a thick plastic or use a plastic pot inside your basket.

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