Tequilero H Set

Duplo Design


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There is definitely something about these shot glasses that makes them one of our favorite products. Whether it's because of their feisty usage or their material originality, they make everyone at the party look at you. The Tequileros H are a must have if you like to enjoy a good fresh drink.

Shot glass (single or set)

Designed to convey the flavor profile and characteristic of each drink. These shot glasses are crafted of a single-hand-carved piece of volcanic stone, ensuring great durability, material quality and uniqueness in each piece making them ideal for both outdoor and indoor settings.

Looking for something special? This item may offer select customization options. Select what you are interested in and we will let you know what is possible. Customization is at Maker’s discretion.

Item quantity:
Category: Drinkware
Origin: Mexico
Composition: 80% Volcanic stone, 19% Wood
Dimensions: Diameter 5.2 Centimeter x Height 7 Centimeter
Ships from: Mexico
Item Sku: Tequilero H Set


  • Hand wash with soap and a brush.
  • Due to its natural finishes, the stone might acquire a darker color when exposed to oils or certain foods. 
  • The product doesn't need to be cured if it will be in contact with alcohol.

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