Shepherd's Rug

Artisan Project


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Inspired by the textures and natural shades of wool on offer in Middle Atlas markets, we designed Shepherd’s Rug as an ode to the sheep, shepherds, and the women weavers who all play a vital role in the making of a traditional Moroccan carpet. The carpet's landscape is dictated by the nature of the wool: dense, fine, curled and straight, shades of creams and browns. These handspun fibers are knotted densely and left untrimmed in order to create a rich carpet pile that feels like an embrace with every step you take.

*The Shepherd's Rug was part of the Majlis Exhibit at the 2021 Architectural Biennale in Venice.

Looking for something special? This item may offer select customization options. Select what you are interested in and we will let you know what is possible. Customization is at Maker’s discretion.

Item quantity:
Category: Rugs
Origin: Morocco
Composition: natural wool
Dimensions: 3'x5', 5'x8', 8'x10', 9'x12', 3'x8'
Ships from: Morocco
Gently clean with a vacuum. This carpet is hand-knotted with natural hand-spun wool so it's normal that there is shedding of fibers in the early life of the carpet. Any spills can be spot cleaned. Baby wipes work wonders! Every now and then, take your beautiful carpet and place it in the sunshine -- wool loves fresh air and sunlight. Need to wash your carpet after time? This blog post is very helpful:rn

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