Senahú Bag


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Carry everything you need and look stylish!

Smooth leather bag with round handles and Guatemalan fabric; a versatile proposal for a modern, executive, risky and stylish woman. It is practical, spacious and sophisticated. Ideal to take everything you need to the office or university.

Its fabric is made by the hands of Guatemalan women from Comalapa, where the colors that represent the water and the sky are embodied, woven on a stick loom in which the heritage of Guatemalan culture is reflected.

This bag is made by hand, its cuts are made with blades, scissors, stamps and its production by the hands of Mixqueño artisans.

You will love its design!

Item quantity:
Category: Bags
Origin: Guatemala


Ships from: Guatemala
Item Sku: Mix001-Mixku'-COLD COLORS-LARGE-Mixku'

Do not wash

Do not machine dry

Do not use bleach or detergents

Do not store in dark or damp places

Do not store in plastic bags

Moisturize the skin with a damp cloth or liquid cream

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