Scarf No.1, Rachel Elise Collaboration 

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Launched as a collaboration with artisan bag designer and maker, Rachel Elise, our RE x MD scarf series features neutral tones of handwoven 100% Ugandan cotton. Our bold and simple asymmetrical designs are meant to wrap around you perfectly, travel with you anywhere, and be that go-to scarf that fits with anything.
Grace and her team at TEXDA are masters of handwoven cloth, expertly weaving both plain weave and twill structures on Counter-Marche floor looms. The fly shuttles travels back and forth, weft after weft, building each scarf truly by hand. The scarves are machine finished on each end leaving a one inch fringe. Starting with locally grown cotton to the final machine stitch completed at TEXDA, each scarf truly represents the people and places of Uganda. Please allow for color and surface variations up to 5-7%.
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