Sage Loose Leaf Natural Incense


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Sage, which means 'to feel healthy' in Latin, is one of the most common incense known in history. Sage has been used as incense in many cultures for centuries in spiritual rituals to clear one's energy and space, and to promote healing and wisdom.

Sage Dry Herb Incense, which is widely used as an energy converter today, is a powerful purifier and preservative.

Thanks to its antibacterial effect, it helps to remove harmful pathogens in the environment where it is burned.

You can burn your dried herb incense in a ceramic or copper bowl.

Wish you to use it in good days.

* The products in the box are not packaged for food purposes.
* Those with asthma or respiratory problems are not recommended to breathe the fumes emitted during smoking.

  • Eco-Materials

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

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Category: Apothecary

Origin: Turkey

Ships from: Turkey

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