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Tired of the same-old, same-old? Pixan’s inspired designs will liven up any space—as well as the community of its creators. As a nonprofit organization, Pixan donated 8 footlooms to women artisans in Mam and K’iche, where quality pillows are sewn and old Mayan tales are threaded into colorful designs. In the San Bartolo Collection, deep sunset hues are backstrap loomed, fading into a never-ending coral sky. Lavender blue is stitched to look like the nearby Sierra Mountains range—a landmark at the center of many Guatemalan legends—creating a new window into Guatemalan landscapes for one’s home. 

 At PBP, we are proud to team up with companies that raise the standard. Pixan offers workshops to all of its master-weavers, diversifying their skills, uplifting the community and guaranteeing the quality of all its ready-to-ship, made-to-order and custom home goods. Add contrast to a plain backdrop or pair one piece with Pixan’s other scene-inspired designs—either way, we know you’ll enjoy the view. 

  • Heritage Craft

  • Woman Led

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

  • Innovation

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Category: Maker

Origin: Guatemala


Ships from: Guatemala

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