Patchwork Barkcloth Lumbar Pillow, No.12

Mekeka Designs

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This pillow features a unique patchwork of barkcloth sourced from Bukomansimbi, Uganda. Sheets of barkcloth comes from individual trees, giving variations on tone and color depending on the tree, the process of harvesting, and how long the textile was left in the sun to dry. Each cushion in this edition is machine sewn together in a grid pattern, allowing the sizes and subtleties of colors to show through the design. This patchwork of barkcloth will host bark from at least three different trees. The reverse of this pillow is handwoven, 100% Ugandan cotton grown and processed at Fine Spinners Uganda Ltd. It is beautifully woven on countermarch floor looms by Grace Kirabo’s team at TEXDA. Each textile features a side zipper with lining, and is crafted entirely by hand from materials from nature. Slight variations in tone, surface, and structure are to be expected. Goods vary in design 5 -7%. (Pillow form not included)

  • Heritage Craft

  • Eco-Materials

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

  • Innovation

Item quantity:
Category: Pillows
Origin: Uganda
Composition: Natural barkcloth and handwoven 100% Ugandan cotton
Dimensions: 12" x 20"
Ships from: Uganda
Spot clean with water only.

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