Palo Santo 30 Gr


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Our Palo Santo incense; It is sent as 3 pieces in a linen cloth pouch.

Each is about 10 gr.

Palo Santo; It is a natural tree known as a sacred tree since the Incas and cultivated by sustainable agriculture on the beaches of South America. Palo Santo Incense consists of resinous parts of the Palo Santo tree, which has died in nature, matured for years. It emits a strong vibrating odor when burned. It can be used in areas such as meditation and breathing exercises, yoga sessions, healing and pain relief, spiritual cleansing, purifying and detoxifying effect, space cleaner, concentration and creativity.


No more than 1 cm from the tip of your Palo Santo, 30 sec. Extinguish it by blowing the tiny flame that burns until it burns. Move the emitted smoke around your body and the area you are in. Your stick smokes for 1-1.5 minutes and then goes out on its own. You can use the same stick multiple times by burning it from the same end whenever you need it.

  • Handmade

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Category: Apothecary

Origin: Turkey

Ships from: Turkey

Item Sku: Palo Santo 30 Gr

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