Oaxaca Fan

Lordag & Sondag

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This 100% bio-degradable and eco-friendly fan is handmade by skilled Mexican artisans using G'noo Xombe Nisin in two steps. Firstly, the wood is hand carved in Escárcega, Campeche by Felipe; after this, the pieces travel to Oaxaca, where Don Luis hand-weaves them using a local fiber called G'noo Xombe Nisin in his mother tongue, Mazatec. All our pieces are hand-made using local raw materials, please take into consideration that there might be slight changes in the color of the wood or fiber. Every piece is unique!

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Category: Accessories
Origin: Mexico
Composition: Wood, G'noo Xombe Nisin natural fibre
Dimensions: 11.9" x 12.6"
Ships from: Mexico
Item Sku: Oaxaca Fan

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