Natural Fiber Hammock

Waraos Amazónicos

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The Warao create endless objects through their versatile hands, among them the moriche hammock (Mauritia flexuosa linn) or as they call it "tree of life"

The Warao women weave the hammocks on vertical frame looms in net stitch, the threads are formed by twisting one by one the fine strips that have been removed from the moriche leaves, previously boiled and dried in the sun.

The moriche, the indigenous people call it "the palm of life", and before cutting its leaves to make use of them, they must make offerings to the anaconda, in charge of protecting aquatic spaces.

The heart of the moriche palm is taken and the fiber is extracted.

Subsequently, it is washed with warm water and lemon to remove impurities and slimy texture, and once it is well washed, it is dried in the sun and then begins to spin it.

This yarn is made entirely by hand, rubbing the fibers one by one on the leg, and then joining each other if necessary (depending on the size of the hammock) by means of an intangible knot at its ends; it's an art.

  • Heritage Craft

  • Eco-Materials

  • Handmade

Item quantity:
Category: Furniture
Origin: Colombia
Composition: 100% Fibra de Moriche 100% Fibra de Moriche
Dimensions: Width 150 Centimeter x long 300 Centimeter
Ships from: Colombia
Item Sku: WARAOSHAMACA-Waraos Amazónicos

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