Matcha 4-way Way (uu) Bag

Lombia + Co.

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A versatile piece created for all occasions of life, this Wayuu bag can be worn four ways: as a shoulder bag, as a backpack, and a belt bag or as a crossbody!
This piece was created for the woman that values and appreciates true craftsmanship. Roomy and easy-to-wash, it’s a wearable work of art that adds that extra layer of handmade creative texture.

Size M
  • Heritage Craft

  • Woman Led

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

  • Innovation

Item quantity:

Category: Bags

Origin: Colombia

Ships from: Colombia

Item Sku: Guava

STEP 1: SPOT TREAT YOUR WAYUU BAGrnThe first thing I like to do is to spot treat any stubborn stains with a little bit of soap. I rinse and repeat and they should help the stain wash right out in the washing machine.rnrnSTEP 2: PROTECT THE DETAILS OF YOUR WAYUU BAGrnTo protect the Wayuu bag from getting damaged, I place the Wayuu bag tassels and straps inside the bag before placing it in the wash to make sure it will stay in perfect condition.rnrnI also like to pull the base of the bag down and fold it in half as I feel it helps get a better wash in the machine.rnrnSTEP 3: MACHINE WASH YOUR WAYUU BAG ON THE SHORTEST CYCLErnHere, you’re going to want to wash the Wayuu bag on its own and put it on the quickest cycle.rnrnSo in my case it would be the 15-minute cycle.rnrnSTEP 4: HANG YOUR WAYUU BAG TO DRYrnOnce that’s done, hang your Wayuu bag to dry and voila!rnrnYou have a perfectly clean Wayuu bag ready to be used again.rnrnIf you don’t have a short cycle on your machine, I do recommend you hand wash your Wayuu bag as tassels and drawstrings get easily get damaged.

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