Magico Suede Hat

Apache Tribu

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The sky gives us its best show every day. Watching the sunset is the best way to end the day, thanking you for the moments you lived and preparing yourself for a new beginning. Inspired by the magic of the stars. These suede will help you shine out in the crowd.
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Category: Accessories
Origin: Mexico
Composition: Suede hat with handmade embroidered huichol art.
Dimensions: WIDTH: 15.35 HEIGHT:7.4
Store your hat in a cool, dry place to keep it in shape and clean - don't leave your hat in the car.rnNever rest your hat on its brim. Flip it over and rest it on the glass.rnShake your hat with a soft bristle brush to keep it clean.rnIf your hat gets wet, don't let it dry in the sun.rnNever go on an adventure without your hat.

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