Limited Edition Barkcloth Patchwork and Palm Contemplation Cushion

Mekeka Designs

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This limited edition series uses large pieces of barkcloth and plaited palm to create a sense of calm, each material is directly sourced from nature and does not undergo any processing other than what is done by hand with simple tools. This two sided cushion brings together hand-plaited palm from Florence Nakachwa and her team in Bisanje, Uganda with a unique patchwork of barkcloth sourced from Bukomansimbi, Uganda. Plaited palm is traditionally made into floor mats that are used in most every household in Uganda. Our floor cushions take inspiration from this traditional use. With a focus on zero waste, each cushion in this edition is machine sewn together in a grid pattern, allowing the sizes and subtleties of colors to show through the design. Each piece of barkcloth from a particular tree is unlike another, it varies in its surface texture, color, and tone. This patchwork of barkcloth will host bark from at least three different trees. With a barkcloth handle, you can easily move this larger cushion into position or take it with you wherever you venture. Each textile is crafted entirely by hand from materials from nature. Slight variations in tone, surface, and structure are to be expected. Goods vary in design 5 -7%. Recommended for indoor use. (Pillow form not included)

Item quantity:
Category: Pillows
Origin: Uganda
Composition: Natural barkcloth, plaited palm leaf
Dimensions: 28" x 28"
Ships from: Uganda
Self clean with water only.

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