Lillipot Terrarium Planter


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The Lillipot Terrarium Planter is a sustainable mini jungle for your home. The glazed ceramic planter with its hand-blown glass lid traps moisture inside the terrarium providing a sustainable water cycle for the plants. Ideal for tropical plants such as ferns, small syngoniums, peperomias, begonias, pileas and other plants that love humidity. Enjoy the experience of setting up your mini garden in a pot and add a life in a cute way to your decor. It brings tranquility to any space and helps to bring nature into our busy lives.

The kit includes 1 ceramic planter base, 1 glass dome, 1 wooden trowel, 1 filtering mesh, and a user guide. The perfect gift for plant lovers, or an excellent way to have low-maintenance plants at home.

Item quantity:
Category: Objects
Composition: 60% Hand-blown glass, 40% Glazed ceramic
Ships from: Mexico
Item Sku: Lillipot - Plant Terrarium-Coolpebbles-GRAY-Coolpebbles

For moisture-loving plants.

Water by spraying.

Place near to a window or any bright place avoiding direct sunlight on the glass.

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