Khaki Colour Leather Tripolina Folding Chair

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Our Tripolina armchairs are designed and manufactured for your comfort. It provides a very comfortable session, it is foldable. It has a very practical use, you can easily carry and use it at home, in the garden, on the boat, on the beach and in the whole nature. It is a product that should be in every home with its design, comfort and convenience.

  • Handmade

Item quantity:

Category: Furniture

Origin: Turkey

Composition: wood 70% iron 10% leather 3% textile bag 17%

Dimensions: Length 120 Box x Width 15 Box x Height 20 Box

Ships from: Turkey

Item Sku: khakileather001-Papyrus Advertising

It is genuine leather in khaki color. Its wood is produced from first-class dried beech wood. Its wood is lacquered in silk matte dark brown color produced for outdoor use. It is foldable. The closed state is 116 cm x 12 cm. Its weight is 6 Kg. It is also supplied with a carrying bag for easy carrying.

Model: height 90 cm x width 71 cm x length 74 cm

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