Inti Cosmetic Pouch


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Store your skincare and beauty products within our easy, compact, small cosmetic pouch. Featuring a water-resistant lining for simple cleaning and efficient mobility on any travel adventure. Handmade from non-toxic dyed, sheep wool and featuring a statement tassel zipper pull, and a chic leather back.

Textile Tradition: In the Andes, women artisans use the backstrap loom for traditional woven textiles. It is a completely non-mechanised loom, the oldest form in the world. It is constructed with wood, bone and strings, easily portable and possible to be set up in the home or elsewhere. All of the textiles used in Awamaki’s bags and purses are woven on back-strap looms by women living in remote Andean communities around the Sacred Valley.

Story of the Design:This textile design has been inspired by Quatro estacas, a traditional textile utilized for spiritual ceremonies. This textile, usually square in shape, is used to wrap and carry sacred coca leaves, which hold immense significance to Andean communities.

Artisans: Awamaki works with different cooperatives in the Patacancha and Kelkanka communities for woven textiles, it is based on a rotation system to ensure income and orders are equally distributed amongst the artisans. There are 3 cooperatives - Awac Phuna, Songuillay and Wakanquilla Kelkanca - with about 90 women artisans who partner with Awamaki to weave textiles.

  • Heritage Craft

  • Eco-Materials

  • Woman Led

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

Item quantity:

Category: Apothecary

Origin: Peru

Composition: Outer: 100% Sheep Wool, 100% Cow Leather, Lining: Water Resistant Cotton

Ships from: USA

Item Sku: BB COCO 0321

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