Ikal - Black Jute Pendant Lamp 

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The stunning IKAL Pendant Lamp represents the perfect mixture between classic and contemporary styles. The IKAL Pendant Lamp is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight or rain, so it's the best simple and unique decoration to illuminate your living room or your backyard with a cozy piece. Delicately hand-woven with jute, which is a soft and resistant fiber environmentally friendly, jute is a very soft and resistant natural fiber with incredible qualities. The whole plant is used so there is no waste and its waste enriches the soil with nutrients. In addition, its water footprint is minimal since it is only irrigated with seasonal rain and the tree that produces it does not have to be cut to harvest it, which makes jute a very environmentally friendly fiber. The beautiful IKAL Pendant Lamp is 100% hand-woven by talented mexican artisans.

Dimensions: 16.53in diameter x 18.50in height

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