Gaia Natural Incense

Aurora Craft

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Gaia incense is the combination of cedar, juniper, pine notes and 100% pure essential oils. With its scent, it reminds the soil and rainy forests. It helps to strengthen your connection with the earth and nature. It is particularly effective on the root chakra. It is handmade from completely natural ingredients. It does not contain combustable chemicals or synthetic essences.

The box contains 30 incense sticks and one brass incense holder. Each incense stick burns for an average of 30 minutes. For a comfortable flow and transformation of energy, lightly ventilate the area while using the incense.

  • Eco-Materials

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

Item quantity:
Category: Apothecary
Origin: Turkey
Dimensions: 16x5x1,5 cm
Ships from: Turkey
Item Sku: Gaia Natural Incense-Aurora Craft-Default Title-Aurora Craft

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