Especie Chair with Wool Backrest

Axoque Studio

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Tribute to endangered species in the state of Michoacán, taking elements from the achoque, the white fish and the orchid “torito”. The back is made with wool, chuspata and corn, seeking the interaction between person, object and space.

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Category: Furniture
Origin: Mexico
Composition: Solid Oak
Dimensions: H 2.39 ft, W 2.09 ft, Depth 1.96 ft
Ships from: Mexico
Item Sku: ESP_SIL_LN
Wood: The constant exposure to the sun can swell or warp the wood.rnAvoid placing hot or humid objects on surfaces.rnUse a completely dry microfiber or cotton cloth.rnFor cleaning, use only Rubio Monocoat ® brand care products.rnWool. - It should be washed cold or at a low temperature with the delicate fabrics program, if it is washed at a higher temperature it can shrink considerably.rnDo not use a centrifuge or tumble dryer, do not dry it while hanging, but rather spread it horizontally as otherwise the fabric may deform.

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