Duna Bracelet

Tania Revueltas Joyeria

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Wayuu is a collection inspired by the Guajira, the territory that is the northernmost point of Colombia. The elements of the Wayuu “mochila” are taken to turn them into jewelry: the base of the fabric of the bag, the gauze or strap to hang it, the bells and tassels that are the closures and decorative elements; our inspiration overflows with some figures woven by them with a palette of colors that arises from their landscapes. The wonderful dunes that in Taroa deliver you directly to the sea, also arise in the middle of the mountain range as in the Macuira. The textile part of this collection is elaborated by artisan weavers from La Guajira and the silver part by goldsmiths from Mompox in Bolivar.

  • Heritage Craft

  • Handmade

Item quantity:
Category: Jewelry
Origin: Colombia
Composition: Silver 70% Threads 13%
Dimensions: Length 60 Millimeter x Width 60 Millimeter
Ships from: Colombia
Item Sku: PM44-Tania Revueltas Joyeria
Avoid placing perfumes, creams, and other toiletries on your jewelry. Jewelry is not suitable to be put in the sea or in the swimming pool. Remember that regardless of the material, the good condition of your jewelry depends largely on how you take care of them. We include the wipe to clean them eventually when you feel that you have used them a lot or you have been in very humid environments, we recommend you to do it before storing them, for this you can use the same box in which they were packed, isolated from other jewelry and other metals.

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