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Waraos Amazónicos

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For our ancestral peoples, basketry has a deep meaning, related to their cosmogony and their vision of the world. In general, for the indigenous people, the act of weaving is the perpetuation of life on earth in communion with it. Crossing the fibers generates multiplication, growth, conservation.

From the solitary activity of fiber harvesting, indigenous basketry shows respect to the spirits, as it is done in harmony with mother earth. For the Warao, Yekuana and Yukpa to weave is to conquer death.

On the other hand, some ethnic groups include shapes or figures in the interlacing of the fibers, which represent elements of the worldview, from animals to stories of their peoples. Thus, the Yekuana wahas are baskets that have the Watunna stories drawn on them.

From the traps or pots that are woven to catch fish in the Orinoco communities, the torotoro or petaca used by the Warao shaman to store sacred objects, and the Yanomami carrying baskets (wii), nature acquires a pattern marked by spirituality and the relationship with mother earth.

  • Heritage Craft

  • Eco-Materials

  • Handmade

Item quantity:
Category: Baskets
Origin: Colombia
Composition: Large natural fiber 100% Small natural fiber 100% Medium natural fiber 100%
Dimensions: Large Diameter 50 CentimeterSmall Diameter 30 CentimeterMedium Diameter 40 Centimeter
Ships from: Colombia
Item Sku: PLATOS01-Waraos Amazónicos-LARGE -Waraos Amazónicos

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