Binga Luxury Basket

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The Binga District is well known for the famous Binga Basket which form the basis of many well-known heritage crafts, unique to Zimbabwe. Our Binga Collection spans a broad reach across the district and our orders benefit approximately 450 women in this area. CCP works hard to make a positive impact on the weaving communities within this region through product development and workshops, food relief campaigns and regular export orders. Preserving the traditional skills of these baskets by continuing to offer opportunities to the women through orders, is extremely important to the CCP team. Our Binga Baskets are aimed at the discerning homeware buyer, galleries, collectors, and interior designers. Traditionally used as winnowing baskets, Binga Baskets are now seen as handwoven artworks and make beautiful and organic wall statements in modern homes and spaces.

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these baskets, every basket is completely unique. Colors are natural cream or natural cream and chocolate brown. This is a 100% natural product made with sustainably harvested raw Ilala Palm, and organic eco-dye.

  • Designs are assorted, we encourage unique designs and artisans are guided by their own creativity in the making of these baskets.
  • Sizing is determined by a diameter measurement.
  • Baskets are bundled in their sizes into sets of 10 for shipping.
Item quantity:
Category: Baskets
Origin: Zimbabwe
Composition: palm
Ships from: Zimbabwe
Item Sku: BFW1

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