Ático 35

Ático 35

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Multi-disciplinary office that is responsible for designing experiences and spaces tailored to our clients, their interests and particularities. It is about collaborating to create living and original spaces in tune with our interior.

We develop solutions for architecture, interior design, furniture, graphic and product design, solving all kinds of projects such as houses, offices, shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

As a team, we analyze your needs to make the best decision, making each of the products optimally designed, from conceptualization through execution.

We are sure of our experience and the quality of our work, therefore, we know what works best for you. We genuinely care about your project and attend it personally.

The objective of which we start when starting a project, is to respect the ideas of the client by creating an initial concept, always linked to the user and their needs. Materializing it in an aesthetic, accessible and real product.

  • Heritage Craft

  • Woman Led

  • Handmade

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Origin: Mexico


Ships from: Mexico

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