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Alta Estudio is a Colombian brand in which we create beautiful, utilitarian objects with the help of master artisans from Colombia’s diverse cultural landscape.

Working with indigenous communities from Timbiquí, Usiacurí, Guacamayas, La Chamba, Sibundoy, Risaralda, Cabo San Juan, and Tenjo, Alta Estudio designs and produce stunning objects of home decor, which the expert hands of his artisans piece together using varied ancestral techniques: weaving, wood carving, chaquiras veneer, and ceramics to name a few.

In his journey of discovery of Colombian culture and craftsmanship, Alta Estudio has been collaborating with indigenous communities such as the Eperara Siapidara, the Wounaan, the Kamentzá, and the Embera Chamí, crafting products that tell stories, carry a cultural message, maintain traditions and identities and encapsulate in themselves the stunning landscapes, climates, resources, and history of the places where they were made. 

  • Heritage Craft

  • Eco-Materials

  • Handmade

  • Innovation

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