Meet our Makers

Weaving Its Way Through India

Lotus Veda marries artisanal traditions to forge new frontiers

A s the folks at Lotus Veda like to say, their products are practical—but never ordinary. Each piece is crafted by hand, incorporating traditional Indian weaving and hand block–printing techniques. But never in a traditional manner. It all started with Chetan Daruka, whose father ran a textiles shop. He took it upon himself to explore the country, meeting and learning from artisans for nearly a decade before launching Lotus Veda. While he reveres the artisanal traditions of each region, he isn’t afraid to cross creative borders. He carries signature yarns of one region to another, mixing them with local yarns to create entirely new textures and fabrics. By honoring the past, Lotus Veda is able to weave a new future.

With each collection, it's never just one fabric, technique, or region that creates a new narrative, rather a combination of them that come together as a single collection.

“It’s like concocting what we call ‘textile recipes’,” says founder Chetan Daruka.

With its apparel, Lotus Veda embraces fluid silhouettes, avoids excess ornamentation, and believes passionately that less is more.

Its caftans are crafted from cotton and silk, effortlessly marrying comfort and style.

Lotus Veda also believes in buying less, and so they strive to make every piece classic and timeless, which its consumer can cherish and make last.