Powered by People can help you grow faster with purchase orders financed within days. Submit your purchase orders not made with Powered by People and benefit from:

A quick and simple application process

Funds disbursed within days

One flat fee, with NO collateral and NO compounding interest

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Offer friendly payment terms to Buyers while getting paid faster

How advances work for Makers:

  • Sign-up to PBP Market & get pre-approved for financing.
  • Invite your buyers to shop your site or upload your purchase orders, we charge 0% commission to existing buyers.
  • When you confirm an order, you get paid an advance of upto 50% of your order value within 5 business days.
  • PBP will invoice your buyer upon delivery.
  • You get paid your final payment net 60 day, guaranteed. All retailers are enrolled into net 60 day payment terms, you get advanced up to 60 days, they get credit up to 60 days.

Payout Terms

A 5% Guaranteed Pay fee is applied to all order with the following advance payout options.

The Future is Transparent test

Maker Offerings & Terms

Maker Advance and Payout:
60 Day Advance: 50% advance payment for up to 60 days
No Advance: 100% payment at net 60 days

Final Payout: When we get paid, you get paid. Final Balance is automatically disbursed when we get paid. All buyers are offered net 60 days payment from shipment

Business License (or equivalent)

A US-based bank routing number and account number (If you do not have this, you can link to your international bank in 2-3 days with Wise). Bank to bank wire transfers are optional.

Commission & Fees:
PBP charges a 15% sales commission on all orders and a 5% Guaranteed Pay fee. On existing client orders PBP charges 0% sales commission and a 5% Guaranteed Pay fee.

The Guaranteed Pay fee of 5% can be reimbursed to the supplier on the final payout if no advance is requested

Have Questions?
We are happy to help! Reach out to us at finsupport@poweredbypeople.com

The Future is Transparent test

*Shipping amount is determined by actual rates provided by vendor upon delivery. Transaction bank fees may apply.