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About The Market Bags

The Market Bags was established with a single vision in mind; eliminating single-use plastic bags. What started out as a trip to a local farmers market was the beginning of that journey.

It was the during this weekly trip in the summer of 2018, when reusable bags were first starting to make an appearance, that we realized that so many of them were still being manufactured overseas and of unsustainable fabrics, such as polyester mesh. Although reusable, these fabrics are still technically plastic and will end up in a landfill one day. We wanted to do better!

Our Canadian-made reusable bags represent a small step towards a better tomorrow with a positive impact on our environment. Using upcycled or sustainable and organic materials, we've created a line of truly eco-friendly reusable bags.

We want to ensure future generations have a healthy and beautiful planet to experience, and because of this we've made it our mission to replace those pesky tear-off-the-roll plastic bags in grocery stores with reusable bags. We strive to inspire change in the daily life of those around the world.

In addition to making the world a better place one bag at a time, we donate 1% of all bag sales to the Sustainable Nourishment Program at Mamas for Mamas, a Canadian Charity, started in our hometown, Kelowna, BC to ensure that all families have access to healthy an nourishing foods on a regular basis.

We strive to make #bagsforabettertomorrow

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