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About Pochisilk

Pochisilk is a small, grassroots collective of passionate women in Myanmar, bound together by a shared dream - to regenerate and re-imagine the ancient Burmese art of hand-loomed silk weaving, and bring it to the world in the form of unique and authentic textiles, fabrics and accessories, which combine a mix of our very own silks grown in Chin state, lotus silk from Shan, high quality imported silks, and the best of Burmese cottons.

Our journey began in 2019 with a couple of looms, a small group of local trainee weavers, a random group of farmer in Chin State in Northern Myanmar…and big dreams.

Our resilience, as a business and a brand, has been tested on many levels since, and we have negotiated our way around funding challenges, an obstructive business climate, political upheavals, COVID lockdowns, and major civil and political conflict.

But our brand’s resilience has proved to be as strong as the women who weave our creations and who carry on against the odds to build something magical and truly original that can be shared with the world.

Pochisilk is a work-in-progress and we are dedicated to ongoing creative experimentation in design, weaving, and dyeing processes which capture both the rich cultural history, and the inspirational fauna, of Burma.

So too are we committed to the on-going training of local women in the art of silk weaving, and to ensuring that this hand craft is never lost. To this end, we hold experimental silk dyeing and design workshops with the participation of local communities, whose involvement we actively solicit and welcome as part of our creative and learning process. Developing active and supportive communities is a key component of our ethos.

We have a genuine opportunity to develop intimate partnerships with our customers also, and we want this to become an integral part of our business philosophy.

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