La Mosca Home
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About La Mosca Home

We are a Colombian-based, family-owned company that offers table linens made with high doses of creativity and humanity. With our products, we offer the possibility of transforming every space into a unique, warm, and special place.

We believe companies have responsibilities with their surroundings, including environmental and social responsibilities. We engage in conscious practices during our production processes to minimize water usage and pollution. In our commitment to generating a positive social impact, we mainly work with women who are heads of their households and have been in this craft for years. Their experience has become the secret ingredient for our outstanding products.

Our core input is natural-fibered indigo fabric, we know how to process, complement, and creatively intervene with different laundry processes. We do this through our key ally, Pelco Laundry. Pelco is constantly researching global tendencies, innovating in its processes to make them more sustainable, and offering us its expertise to create unique, high-quality products.

Indigo denim fabric has transcended fashion to other spheres like living - with table linens, bed covers, throws, and others – proving to be an excellent stylish complement for different uses. In La Mosca Home we want to make denim part of our daily lives at home, bringing effortless style, warmth, and beauty to our spaces.

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Aprons, Placemats + Chargers, Rings, Table Cloths, Table Runners, Throws
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