Juglans & Regia
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About Juglans & Regia

It all began on one of our walks through our beloved Colombia's tropical forests; crossing mountains and roads, we had an extraordinary encounter with ancestral trees in unique and unimaginable types of forests; since then, we have connected with nature, and we have dedicated our lives to the trade of wood and crafts.

Our love for art and design has given us the vision to venture into this field and thus be able to merge these passions to offer concepts and products with ancestral, contemporary, and innovative techniques, while at the same time remaining connected with the nature of our spirit, the spirit and power of JUGLANS & REGIA.

We have focused on creating exclusive furniture and interior decor with a contemporary design and a traditional touch, transmitting a story between nature and the artisans.

We are a brand that stands out for creating unique objects with special treatments. We are interested in proposals with unconventional requirements. We are inclined to advise and produce projects by artists, art exhibitions, and interior design. 

Based on our experience, skills, and knowledge of the subject, we provide appropriate and innovative solutions through sustainable methods.

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Cutting Boards, Decorative Accents, Dinnerware Sets, Tables, Vases
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