Fortymore Artworks
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About Fortymore Artworks

Because they are not mass produced, all Fortymore products are works of art, bearing the traces of the spirit of the designer. All of them are produced by one hand, they are eagerly awaited for hours, and as a result, they are offered for sale after quality controls.

The strong structure of Stoneware clay allows products to be produced thinly. Fortymore products owe their elegance to the quality of stoneware clay as well as to the dexterity of its designer.

Fortymore Artworks products are completely hand sculpted and fired at high temperatures. Stoneware products are stronger and healthier than regular ceramics. Since it is kilned at high temperature, there are no tiny air spaces in it. Therefore, there is no liquid permeability. All of the patterns are hand drawn under glaze and won’t fade away over time. You can safely wash it in the dishwasher.

Made with pleasure, enjoy them everyday!

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Bowls, Dinner plates, Dinnerware Sets, Mugs + Cups, Ornaments, Rings, Side plates
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