Terracotta Vase Collection

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Our Terracotta vase collection consists of three types of earthen vases, the Belly, Bobble, and Bloop. These vases are a unique sculptural take on the traditional Indian pots or Matkas created by local potters and their families who suffered a major setback financially during the locked down last year. Each piece is handcrafted and has a raw finish. Though no two pieces look the same, the shape and form have utmost consistency. These modern shaped vases can be paired with both fresh and dried flowers and reside as a beautiful sculptural piece in the decor space. Combine them with ceramic vases to play around with different textures and earthy looks. Earthen pots have water cooling properties and keep the water optimally cold which is gentle on the throat.
  • Heritage Craft

  • Handmade

  • Innovation

Item quantity:

Category: Objects

Origin: India

Composition: Terracotta/baked earth

Dimensions: Belly: 8"; Bobble: 6"; Bloop: 6.5"

Ships from: India

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