Botanic Hues

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About Botanic Hues

Born out of years of experimentation with organic dyes and a lifelong fascination with the natural world, Botanic Hues is a women-led business that was created as a means of re-contextualizing ancient techniques while providing a viable alternative to harmful synthetic dies. Apart from their numerous environmental benefits, organic, plant-based dyes, yield an extraordinary diversity of subtle yet complex colours that mellow slightly over time.
Variations in hues and shade between batches are common, making no two prints identical and each piece a unique creation. Working with traditional methods such as bundle-dyeing, resist dyeing and steaming often produce unpredictable results. At Botanic Hues, we do not see these irregularities as a defect, but rather an integral part of the rustic charm and honesty of each of our pieces.

Ships from: Sri Lanka

Categories: Accessories Pillows

Sampling: Yes

Customization: No


  • Heritage Craft

  • Eco-Materials

  • Woman Led

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

  • Innovation

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