Algodones Mayas

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About Algodones Mayas

We design handmade and natural color cotton (that we grow ourselves) products. We are a Guatemalan company committed to preserving the natural color of the pre-hispanic cotton, with over 27 years in the market. Our natural color cotton is used in most of our products, alone or combined with upcycled cotton denim or black thread.
Our products include decorative pieces and accessories.

We wholeheardedly believe in sustainable production that benefits people and the planet.

Our handwoven cotton pieces help preserve Guatemala's rich culture, natural colors and motives.

We also believe in empowering and encouraging women, this is why almost 80% of our artisans are hardworking mothers and daughters.

Ships from: Guatemala

Sampling: Yes

Customization: No


  • Heritage Craft

  • Woman Led

  • Handmade

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