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The Future is Transparent

Where a product comes from, and who makes it, is at the core of informing the conscious buyer.
New digital tools are helping shine a light on the end-to-end supply chain.
The Future is Transparent

It’s all about trust. Consumers are demanding unique, high-quality products—but more than that, they want origin transparency. They want the story of the product and the story of the maker. They want authenticity and assurance: the who, what, where and how.

Consider this analysis from a Neilson Global/Futtera Expert Survey: “While 66 percent of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, a full 73 percent of millennials are. And 91 percent of consumers say they would switch brands that align to their values, while 70 percent of consumers say they are more interested in a product’s origins than the company who produced it.”

  • 91%
  • of consumers would
    switch to brands that
    align to their values

Buyers in turn want to make sure they’re purchasing genuine products from verified producers in an easy, frictionless way. They want to trust that they are offering exceptional items with knowledge and confidence.

And it goes both ways. Producers want easy access to these markets, without barriers and restrictions. They want to grow their businesses and share their products and stories. They want to connect and build relationships; they want to play a mainstream role in the global economy.

Powered by People is using its online platform to bridge the gap. We’re connecting international buyers to boutique manufacturers creating distinct, exclusive and sustainably sourced products. Our powerful digital tools help manage orders and production, track shipments, access financing and communicate easily and efficiently — all through mobile phones. Supply-chain transparency, product provenance and storytelling enables buyer confidence and producer trust. The future of the handmade sector is transparent and sustainable. And with access to the digital tools now at its disposal, it’s a sector whose time has come.

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