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Handmade for the Digital Age

Working from home is a new worldwide reality. And for the Creative Manufacturing Handmade sector, remote work presents an unparalleled opportunity. When equipped with the proper tools and access, the future of retail for CMH is here.
Handmade for the Digital Age

Accounting, order tracking, quality control, progress reports…in short, production management. To most of us in the western world, these processes feel like second nature and are carefully documented and scrutinized in our online computer systems. Companies log and monitor every step—from order placement to fulfillment—and they can access the answer to any question with the click of a button.

Not so in many, if not most, developing economies. Excel spreadsheets, Google docs and pen and paper still dominate the CMH sector, drastically impeding productivity and efficiency while leaving the makers vulnerable to errors and ever-changing market shifts. While a whopping 88 percent of individual makers have mobile phones connecting them to consumer-style apps, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, most still lack the digital tools and techniques to manage their business.

The key drivers of market access for most growing CMH businesses lie in exports and international sales. But these boutique manufacturers need a system: a system where they can communicate effortlessly with their buyers to not only keep them up to date on progress, but to build a relationship and foster confidence.

Powered by People’s Produce tool is just that. Designed with low-volume producers in mind, it connects buyer and maker, giving them access to all of the digital tools necessary to solidify a successful partnership. Capacity planning, pricing tools, order and inventory management and shipping lead times are all easily accessible, manageable and transparent, giving the buyer peace of mind and the maker the ability to get the job done—all through their mobile phones.

The demand is here. Consumers want bespoke, beautiful, customized and compelling products that tell a story. The PBP Produce tool helps makers harness that demand so that they can organize, plan and manage each order and maximize their potential. All while growing both their business and the global economy.

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